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Who is your agent – 4 Types of Agents?

Who is your agent - 4 Types of Agents?

So where do you start?  It’s really important to ask the right questions to ensure you are working with the right type of real estate agent.

4 Types of Agents

1. Licensed Real Estate Agent

Have studied courses and  completed their Real Estate License, allowing them to own and operate a real estate office and sell real estate.  Generally they have also earned additional accreditation that allows them to specialise and deliver a better overall service.  The work for the property, seller and vendor.

2. Certified Agents or Sales Agent

Must have attained a minimal certification in the area allowing them to work as an agent, while being employed by an appropriate Licensed Broker or Principal.  This means they work under the supervision of a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

3. Buyers Agents

Buyers Agents are something completely different.  They will help you source your next property.  They represent the purchaser (not the vendor), they must hold appropriate credentials to represent the interest of buyers in a real estate sale.  Universally, selling agents represent home sellers and buyer agents represent home buyers.

4. Residential Letting Agents

Are different again, they will manage your property if you intent to rent it out to tenants.  Letting agents either work as a stand alone leasing business or as a division of a real estate sales office.

You should choose to sell your home using the services of a licensed real estate agent or certified agent who belongs to a local industry body that holds them accountable to an accepted code of conduct eg: Reiq. 

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