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Treat your home like your car – it’s your biggest investment


Your home is your biggest investment, so it’s important to protect it. We have have broken down the elements you need to maintain into an easy to follow timeline to help you keep your home in its best possible shape.


we recommend…

  • Rotate all the back and seating cushions of your sofa
  • Plump cushions back to their original shape
  • Vacuum debris from furniture crevices
  • Wipe clean leather sofas

Local cleaners say…

  • Maintain pool equipment
  • Clean down facades – including doors and windows
  • Polish stainless-steel railings/handrails

a builder says…

  • Keep gardens tidy and sweep down verandahs
  • Dust windows, inside and out
  • Clean off any cobwebs



Cleaners says…

  • Polish and condition furniture
  • Dust and clean light fittings
  • Flip, rotate and vacuum mattresses
  • Wash outside of windows and screens
  • Clean oven, rangehood and ventilation filters
  • Clean shutters/blinds

Local experts say…

  • Check for signs of termites
  • Re-oil decks every six months

A plumber says…

  • Check under sinks for leaks
  • Go into the ceiling space – check there are no holes in the roof
  • Walk around your house and look for cracks in the walls. If you see any, measure them or take a photo and keep an eye on the progression. If a crack is over 5mm deep, get it checked by a builder or structural engineer
  • Go under the house if you can to check that there’s no damp
  • Clean out gutters, and check all gutters, valleys and flashings for signs of corrosion
  • Have a water tank? Clean the filters and check for leaks
  • Check all taps for leaks. Tip: turn off all the taps when you go out, note the number on your water meter and then measure it again when you come home. If there’s been any movement, you have a leak that needs attention
  • Look for any obvious damage to paint work and repair it there and then to stop any timber rotting
  • Check the surcharge gully (an open drain designed to overflow if there’s a sewer blockage) – it’s located outside your house. Make sure it’s not blocked. Put a hose down the gully and make sure it doesn’t back up. If it does, you have an issue further down the line – get it looked at before it becomes a bigger problem
  • Wash down the exterior to remove any dirt and dust
  • Check skylight flashings – they can cause leaks and damage
    if not working properly
  • Check walls around the shower for signs of mould, which could be a sign of a leaking shower
  • Inspect power sockets to make sure they are working properly



cleaners says…

  • Have curtains dry-cleaned
  • Have carpets steam-cleaned
  • Get your sofa dry-cleaned

Builders say…

  • Re-oil timber doors and windows
  • Schedule termite/pest inspection
  • Inspect doors and windows. Make sure there is no softness in the timber around them – if there is, have them looked at
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors – keep to same time every year
  • Service air-conditioning units
  • Clean any ventilation systems and exhaust fans
  • Check that your fridge seals are in good order – make sure there’s no mould around the seal and when you open the door, it should offer a little resistance. If the seal isn’t working, you could be
    looking at a hefty power bill
  • If you have a fireplace, have the chimney swept clean



We say…

  • Re-paint internal walls
  • Update/replace furniture
  • Consider re-painting the exterior of your home
  • Re-polish timber floorboards
  • Re-seal stone, such as marble benchtops and external pavers.
  • Have a professional vacuum out dust and debris from roof spaces
  • Re-paint external windows frames/doors
  • Re-do old tiling/grout


Ask us about our Ultimate Moving Checklist… or get in touch with me directly for guidance on the best way to market your home effectively.


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