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Selling House Inspections

Selling House Inspections
Presentation of your home is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price. This is similar to detailing your car before you sell it.


A poorly presented property is unlikely to bring out the emotional appeal of the buyers. It may take some time and effort, though it is important to have your property looking the best on inspection day.

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Some things that can turn buyers off can include:

Too much cluttering of space including furniture or personal belongings

Windows, gates and doors that are cracked or stick

Stained carpet

Evidence of damp or moisture on walls

Cigarette, strong food and animal odours


It can be a good idea to seek an outside opinion, as many of these concerns can be fixed over a weekend for little expense.  It maybe worthwhile to use the services of a property stylist.  Contact us for a FREE Preparation Checklist in preparation for selling your home.

A few hundred dollars spent on presentation, can certainly increase the saleability and more likely increase the sale price.


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