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5 Qualities to look for when choosing a realestate agent

5 Qualities to look for when choosing a realestate agent

We love Richard Branson’s quote:

“Success in business in about people, people, people.  Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage”.  How true!

Here are some of the qualities we look for when employing our staff which I hope will help you:
Real estate agents are tasked with a huge responsibility – to help clients ACRU a new house or expand their investment portfolio and/or sell their current property. With such high stakes, it’s imperative to choose an agent in tune with buyers’ desires and expectations. A great agent will help clients seamlessly navigate the market. There are some key traits to keep in mind when searching for high-performing real estate professional.
How to spot a top performer
It’s vital that the people we hire at Acru are committed to the needs of their clients and look at real estate as a career and not just as a job. As a business owner we want an agent who follows up every potential lead and deal until closure. We have systems and procedures in place that helps each individual be the best they can. They should be readily available to address client concerns, and accessible throughout each stage of the property buying/selling process. This individual is devoted to their work and motivated by success – a winning combination.
A flair for marketing is crucial for those within the real estate field. The person you recruit should be able to market themselves and the property they represent. In today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever to establish a social media presence. As ambassadors for your brand, agents who promote themselves and their work in a positive light – online and offline – will help increase the exposure of your home.
Honesty is a trait that all employers (or vendor) should covet. Customers will appreciate a realtor who is straightforward with them and who will reasonably manage their buying and selling expectations. The ideal is someone sincere who will ensure nothing is lost in translation, making each experience easier for all involved. An honest person will also be truthful with you and their colleagues; there will be little room for misunderstandings or conflict.
4. Delivering the WOW factor
We are passionate about every experience be it big or small.  At every stage we aim to amaze to the point where our clients constantly rave about us.  As a group we strive to excel and bring the very best to everything we do.
In real estate, someone who is friendly, a good networker and adept at dealing with others will go far. Clients want an agent they enjoy dealing with, so hiring a candidate who is likeable is a must for us. An agent who is a people person will also be able to achieve a greater result for their potential clients and make the process a lot more enjoyable and rewarding.  The trait Michael felt that was probably the most important to succeed in some ways was an ability to connect with people.   As an Principal in real estate, Michael Donoghue considers questions such as:
“Can they connect? Are they interesting people? Are they aligned with their true-self or are they inauthentic?” and he also confirmed that he would hire more for attitude.


By identifying the traits we look for in choosing successful agents, you can simplify your selling process which ensures you get the biggest competitive advantage by choosing the right agent.

ACRU Simplifying your Real Estate Selling Needs.

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