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Has your Agent the Skill Level? – Negotiating Price

Has your Agent the Skill Level? -  Negotiating Price

All preparation and marketing of your home is useless, unless it can convert to a sale or written offers.

In my opinion negotiation is a crucial skill:-

Negotiation starts from the moment you first meet a potential buyer.  At Acru we appreciate that the process of negotiation is an art.  Just like a swim at the beach, we move back and forth checking conditions before diving in.  Within any negotiation, I believe there are 3 main elements that make it successful.

1. Preparation – be ready with the facts, research done and knowledge of each party.

2. Power – respect that the power shifts back and forward.

3. Timing – few difficult negotiations can be resolved in one meeting or discussion.  Time plays a large part in the decision making process, especially when concessions make a difference.


If an agent receives an offer on a property the first instinct is often excitement as the deal maybe near, though unless they can demonstrate their negotiation and skill level up front to you as a possible vendor, they are probably not going to be able to negotiate the most important part which is the back end of the deal for you.

Our team at ACRU work through a 11 point plan of action to help our owners receive and even better possible price and result.

If your thinking of moving or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ACRU.

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