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Inspections Without Marketing



Many vendors ask the question, can you bring really serious known buyers through without a marketing campaign?

This is a fair question, though some things need to be considered, especially as this strategy is adopted by some agents. The answer is while you may reduce some hassle, you most certainly will lose money. As mentioned earlier, competent agents will probably know buyers who could be interested in purchasing any property they list for sale. Agents can easily contact these people and bring them through on an individual basis. This can be a very good idea and they should be the first ones to come through your property, because they are likely to buy or at least provide good feedback as these buyers have generally been looking in the marketplace for awhile. However, if these people are the only ones to inspect, then you have severely limited your market, and maybe not found the buyer who would have paid a premium price. Even if you found the best buyer, that person may not be pushed as far as they could have been without more competition.

There is also an assumption, that the agent can accurately qualify buyers in advance, and only show the good ones through. I do not believe this works in practice.

In my experience, a person rarely ends up buying what they originally though they might like. Usually it is a matter of them seeing what they like and then the emotional aspect takes place. People can go to great lengths to acquire something they really want.

Research suggests people look at 12 to 14 homes before they actually make a purchase.


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