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How Scent sells Lifestyle

How Scent sells Lifestyle

2015-07-06_14-10-54 Scent communicates lifestyle, mood and atmosphere. It triggers powerful memories and takes you on a journey.

Well know stylist Ainslie Walker list includes; Contemporary Hotels;  artist Tamara Dean, the Sapphire resort and Art Bar at MCA. In each job, she creates bespoke fragrances, to fit the context they support. When selling a house – mold, drains and dogs – are just some of the smells you might want to mask, so when asked Ainslie how she would approach scenting a home, in preparation for a big event – Open House.

Ainslie Walker’s Tips for scenting your home

To sell your home in the 1980’s, baking bread and percolating coffee was de rigeur. But according circa 2015, prepping a house sale is a little more erudite.

“Today scent is all about authenticity. I would say the most fail proof idea for an open house would be a beautiful smelling candle and to buy some beautiful fresh flowers,” Walker says.

“A lot of research shows the impact of scent in the home, workplace and in public buildings and points to how scent impacts on concentration and productivity. But biggest factor that’s been researched is how scent impacts the amount of time an individual will spend in a building,” Walker explains.

“If someone is looking at five houses on a Saturday –you really want to keep them there. Because you always notice more about a place the longer you stay in it,” Walker says.

How scent can sell a lifestyle: insider tips from expert Ainslie Walker“Also these days, everyone is highly aware of product placement, so you could go to the trouble of putting a beautiful Molton Brown or Dyptique candle in the rooms, because it communicates – “these people have that lifestyle,” Walker says.

Her other great tip, is to be sparing with scent. “With a candle you might burn it for half an hour, then blow it out and get rid of it,” Walker says.


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