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Home Styling Before Sale

Home Styling Before Sale

“The buyer’s first perception of your property is the most important.”

“I am often asked by clients would I come around to look at their proposed renovations or should I sell the house the way it is.”  said Michael Donoghue.

Think that you’re the buyer and you’re walking in here together. And I want them to see everything in the best possible way. There might be a few things you have to rearrange or move during the selling process. Sometimes houses can become cluttered to the buyer’s eyes.  Most sellers love the ideas and sometimes need assistance. The seller is always surprised at the difference made to the home in a few short hours.

Get creative. Be artistic.  Lower price properties will need decorative spirit and appeal to pull them over the line. Remember:- You are telling a story as they walk through your home. Appeal to the kind of activities that sit at the heart of your buyer’s lifestyle. It could be cooking, outdoors & garden, entertaining.  Be professional and consistent with your chosen narrative. Don’t neglect whole chunks of the house and forget to style them. Picture the house as scenes from a film, then keep the theme running throughout.

Well-designed spaces help maximise your selling potential of your home and open the home up to the eye of the buyer. Simplify your home with storage solutions designed to inspire.  No matter the size of your home, storage – or the lack of it, minimise your home to create an inviting fresh picture or story for the buyer inside each room.


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