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Top 6 Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

Selling what can be your biggest asset is stressful.  Ask your agent the best advice taking into consideration these 6 mistakes some home sellers can make.  A recent survey of real estate agents by ActiveRain has confirmed that there are certain things a seller should avoid if they are trying to get their home sold for the best price in the least amount of time. The results of this survey are no surprise to real estate agents, but sellers need to understand that eliminating as many hurdles as possible to the sale of your home will help you achieve your desired outcome.  

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Here’s the top list of worst mistakes an owner can make when selling their home:.

Overpriced home – be IN THE MARKET not ON THE MARKET

There are several factors to selling successfully. Price is a key factor. You want to be in the market not on the market.

Don’t market your property – YOU CAN’T SELL A SECRET!

You are either on the Buyers radar, or they simply don’t know you exist. When looking for a property, buyers do their research. Marketing is designed to sell inspections. It is no secret that the greater the exposure the property has to the market the greater the number of buyers who are aware of your property.

OPEN HOME availability, only bring buyers on your database.

Are you serious about selling? You need to make your house available and easy to find. In today’s busy lifestyle, don’t make your home hard to find!

Selling Quietly? – How do you know someone would not have paid more, if you had got your home to a wider market? I do understand having your home open to total strangers is something you may feel uncomfortable with and is quite understandable. However, for a property to sell, buyers have to see it! For more on this topic ask Michael


Don’t over estimate to the power of a repair will cost vs the actual cost. Remember, for buyers its not just a monetary cost they are considering, its a time cost too and they are busy people. The reason they don’t want to do your repairs is the same reason you don’t want to do them. Make the repairs and you will be closer to a quicker sale at a better price. My best advice: get a Building and Pest report to have on show for all prospective buyers.

Cluttered space or Empty space – EMPLOY A STYLIST

When preparing a house to sell you need enough furniture to show the purpose of the room and enough art and accessories to make the house feel like ‘home’. You don’t need the rest of the paraphernalia that clutters up your house. Remember, your buyers want to buy your house not your items. Ask us abot a home stylist, who can minimize your stress in preparation and make the overall experience better for your sale.

Bad listing photos

With most buyers looking on-line for their new home your listing only has a few seconds to stand out. Professional images are the centerpiece of every marketing campaign. These images can be used across all marketing mediums. As mentioned previously in my book “How to sell your home for more in today’s market” marketing sells inspections!

Unwilling to negotiate

The majority of house sale are completed in 3 steps: Offer, counter offer and final offer. This is not personal, its business. Being stubborn or overly emotional will not help your house sale.

Unpleasant odors 

This goes without saying: remove your pets, have nice smelling scents in your home. Best scents can be lemon, green tea, cedar, pine. Worst scents: potpourri, animal smells, baked goods.

Sellers who like to sell the home themselves

Always leave this to an expert. You employ an expert when you have surgery not an green grocer to operate on you. The same is said for realestate, employ an person who has the skills to maximize the sale of your home.

Picking the Wrong Agent – The best agents are often the one’s that don’t talk about themselves and how many properties they have sold…

Ask yourself.. “Is the agent I appoint in selling my home, someone I can work with and has my best interest at heart? Regrettably I have only known a handful of excellent agents  TRUST no.1 on your list. I am passionate about topic and have written a number of chapters in my book including the selection process of an agent.

And finally….

If it seems to much to think about, Michael would be happy to make a visit or have a chat about the best ways to promote your home and take the stress out of selling. We believe it is about Simplifying your selling process!

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If you want to sell quickly and for a great price without making the above mistakes then give me a call on 0411223222 or contact me through my website.