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Fixed vs Variable Loans

We explain the difference between fixed and variable home loans and look at their pros and cons for first Home Buyers.  When buying your first property, choosing between a fixed or variable interest rate for your home loan is a daunting decision. It’s a choice that…

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Do Hot Spots Exist?

Where is the current hot spots for next year? Is always a hot topics. Do hot spots exist?  It’s a great opportunity? A lot of people see it as an opportunity to get in it and make some money quickly.…

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Population 2016 – winner or loser? 

Late next week the latest edition of Australian Demographic Statistics will be released.  It will give us a state/territory breakdown and update the state of play regarding overseas and interstate migration movements.  It is the last ABS release of the…

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Asking the right Q’s Financing your property

 Many investors want to get started or add more property to their portfolio.  Know the right questions to ask for the best finance outcome and achieve your property goals sooner.

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