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Here’s the Best Advice on Pricing you Home for Sale

Here's the Best Advice on Pricing you Home for Sale

Properties are sold in an open market situation. If you possess the information and knowledge to make valid comparisons to other properties sold in your area, pricing becomes a lot easier.

There are basically two ways to price a property.

1. Comparable or comparison

2. Emotional value

Comparison: while no two properties are the same, it is a good idea to look at properties similar to yours that have come onto the marketplace and more importantly record what prices they have sold for. If you are unable to visit homes similar to yours an agent should legally be able to provide you with sales data and give you a market opinion of your property based on other sales.


Emotional: This can come down to a buyer’s particular needs for a property. Eg: Layout, proximity to family & schools, views, aspect, just to name a few. Emotional value cannot be underestimated and there are a number of tips and processes that Acru can help you get this type of buyer.

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